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Introduction to Conference Papers

(November 2003 to January 2004): The papers listed below are the most recent conference papers I have delivered. Earlier conference papers can either be found in the 'Lesbian Feminism' section of the website (the 'political lesbian' ones), or have been published elsewhere, especially in Radical Feminism Today(those on 'defining feminism' or 'the meaning of feminism').

A complete list of the conference papers I have given is provided after the links to the papers below.


Click here for 'Social Welfare Policy and 'the Unemployed': A Case Study in the Ideology of Individualism' (1997)

Click here for 'Individualising the Social: or, Whatever Happened to Male Domination?' (1998)

Click here for 'What Can Rights Discourse Cover Up?' (2000)

Click here for 'Marcuse and His Critics' (2002)

Click here for 'Freedom for Whom? Liberalism as Ideology' (2003)

Click here for 'Who's Afraid of Defining Feminism?' (2005)