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This section of the website contains three papers at the moment, although eventually there will be more.

The first is an introduction to 'Liberalism, Human Rights and a Culture of Domination: A Feminist Analysis', work I did between 1999 and 2001 (and ongoing) in conjunction with Bronwyn Winter and Sheila Jeffreys on their Australian Research Council funded project. This ARC project gave me the opportunity to examine liberalism in detail, hence the papers on tolerance, human rights and liberty already included on this website.

The second paper is an introduction to my ongoing work on the ideology of individualism. This is related to the above-mentioned work on liberalism, but most of it predated it. Once again, some of this work on individualism has already been included on the website.

The third paper, called 'On Domination', is a continuation of the 'Liberalism, Human Rights and a Culture of Domination' project. It is dated 'March 2005', although much of it was written earlier. It is part of my project of getting the ARC funded work I did into a more coherent and publishable form.

(Click here for an introduction to the ARC Project - 'Liberalism, Human Rights and a Culture of Domination: A Feminist Analysis')

(Click here for 'Individualism: Some Distinctions')

(Click here for 'On Domination')