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Introduction to Lesbian Feminism

Homosexuality: The Invisible Alternative (1978) 

Introduction to Lesbianism as Political Practice

Lesbianism as Political Practice (1980)

Reply no. 1 - Melbourne Lesbian Newsletter

Reply no. 2 - Refractory Girl

Two letters and an article

Sexuality in Capitalist Patriarchy (1981) 

The third Women and Labour conference (1982) 

Anti-Intellectualism at the Lesbian Conference (1989) 

Theory and Its Difficulties (1990) 

Impressions of the Lesbian Conference (1991) 

Sheila Jeffreys at the Lesbian Studies Weekend (1991) 

Rules, Principles, Policies, Standards and Guidelines:Do We Need Them? (1991) 

Trying to Get Published and Failing and Doing It Yourself (1991/92) 

Interview with Denise Thompson (1992)

A Discussion of the Problem of Horizontal Hostility (1993)

Lesbian Feminist Politics in Sydney: Fighting Over Meaning (1993)

Just Another Day in the Life of a Dole Bludger (1994)

On Pornography (1997)

Lesbian Politics (2004)

'Womenslands' by Finola Moorhead (2004)

'A Radicalesbian Herstory' by Chris Sitka (1989)

Papers presented at the Radicalesbian Conference at Sorrento, Victoria (1973)

Excerpts from the 'Melbourne Feminist Collection 1' (1973)

Introduction to Refereed Papers

Feminism and the Struggle over Meaning

Feminism and the Problem of Individualism

The Trouble with Individualism

Introduction to What Counts as Feminist Theory?

What Counts as Feminist Theory?

Feminist Theory and Australian Feminist Studies


Power and Distaste: Tolerance and Its Limitations

Introduction to 'Racism'

A letter to the Sydney WL Newsletter (1992)

Asking questions about Racism (1994)

Feminism and Racism: What is at Stake? (1994)

Introduction to What Does it Mean to Call Feminism 'White and Middle-Class'?

What Does it Mean to Call Feminism 'White and Middle-Class'? (1995/96)

The UK Women's Studies Network conference, Stirling, Scotland (1995)

The Australian Women's Studies Association conference, Perth, Western Australia (1996)

Womens' Studies InternationalForum(1996)

Signs (1997)

Australian Feminist Studies (1998)

My reviews

Introduction to Conference Papers

Social Welfare Policy and 'the Unemployed': A Case Study in the Ideology of Individualism (1997)

Individualising the Social: or, Whatever Happened to Male Domination? (1998)

What Can Rights Discourse Cover Up? (2000)

Marcuse and His Critics (2002)

Freedom for Whom? Liberalism as Ideology (2003)

Who's Afraid of Defining Feminism? (2005)

Introduction to Work in Progress

Introduction to 'Liberalism, Human Rights and a Culture of Domination'

Individualism: Some Distinctions

On Domination